Feudal Alloy is an epic action adventure with fish-controlled medieval robots!

Explore an unusual medieval world with a fish-controlled robot, Attu. Improve your combat techniques and skills by smashing many kinds of mechanical creatures in a beautiful hand-drawn world.


Fish-controlled medieval robots!


A wide range of enemies

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Attu is an ordinary farmer robot who lives in a small cottage in sunflower fields.

He had been living a simple but pleasant life until a bunch of outlaws attacked the village, stole their oil supplies and burnt his house.

Fortunately, he managed to grab his old sword and fled into the woods.


Get lost and discover a huge interconnected world, filled with a wide range of enemies.

Choose which paths you take and which enemies you face. Try to defeat the evil and find your way back home.


Can I stream your game?

Absolutely! We'd be more than happy. You can use our assets HERE

Where can I get the game?

on Steam, GOG, Humble Store (Windows, Mac, Linux), Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

What languages is the game localized in?

English, Czech, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese-Brazil, Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Belarusian, Danish.

How big is your team?

We're just two developers, Lukas and Eva.

How can I help out?

You can support us on Patreon HERE

Sharing on social media is always appreciated!


Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback, give me suggestions, or just to say hello.





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