Attu Games
Based in Znojmo, the Czech Republic

Release date:
Q3 2018

PC / Mac/ Linux
Xbox One


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Feudal Alloy is a metroidvania-style action RPG with fishbowl-powered medieval robots. Explore an unusual medieval world with a fishbowl-powered robot Attu, improve your combat techniques and skills by smashing many kinds of mechanic creatures and talk to other inhabitants using unique animated branching dialogues in a hand-drawn world made by a two-member team.


Attu Games is a tiny two-member studio from the Czech Republic. We're small but passionate about making games We’ ve already released one commercially successful game - a puzzle platformer Toby: The Secret Mine. It came out on all main platforms - Steam (PC,Mac,Linux), Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo WiiU, iOS, Android, AppleTV and it took about one and a half years to make. We do almost everything by ourselves except music and some sound effects. We handle all game design, programming, art and animations, level design, story and dialogues etc.


  • Attu is an ordinary farmer robot who lives in a small cottage in the sunflower fields. He has been living a simple but pleasant life until a bunch of outlaws attacked the village, stole their oil supplies and burnt his house. Fortunately he managed to grab his old sword and fled into the woods.
  • Fishbowl-powered medieval robots!.
  • Dynamic action-combat system with swords, grenades, dodges and other special attack moves.
  • A lot of different equipment that change both player appearance and attributes
  • A unique dialogue system - animated bubbles.
  • A huge, interconnected world to explore, filled with wide range of enemies, bosses and side quests.
  • Varied hand-drawn environments.
  • Loot, a lot of loot!.
  • Hidden collectibles.
  • Secret areast.


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Awards & Recognition

  • " Indie Prize " Finalist 2017
  • " GTR " Finalist 2017

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Monetization Permission
Feudal Alloy team allows for the contents of Feudal Alloy to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Feudal Alloy is legally and explicitly allowed by Eva Balikova and Lukas Navratil. .

About Attu Games

Attu Games is a tiny two-member studio from the Czech Republic. We're small but passionate about making games.

More information
More information on Attu Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Feudal Alloy Credits

Lukas Navratil
Game Designer & Development & Artist

Eva Balikova
Game Designer & PR

Matt Steed
Music, Freelancer

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